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About Us

We are a manufacturing service company, that specializes in engineer to engineer collaboration. We are passionate about solving customer design & manufacturing problems. We provide electronic prototype and manufacturing services. We also provide practical design feedback to improve product quality, and help reduce your manufacturing costs.

Over the last 20+ years, production technology has changed dramatically. We have made incredible advances in equipment capability, software and assembly chemistries. However the “hand-off” from Product Development to Manufacturing has not changed much…. Protoduction was founded on the belief that we needed to bridge that gap between two very different organizations. Between us, we have transferred thousands of products from development to manufacturing over the last 25 years. We ask the right questions, so that the manufacturing transfer is seamless to you, during the product life-cycle.

Products and Services

Our technology investments are the foundation of our business. Our goal is to collaborate with our customers, and bring their products to market, in the most efficient & cost effective way possible. Our team is empowered to make the changes necessary to bring your product to market. We also help you select vendors that are capable of ramping to production when you need them.

  • DFM Reviews
  • Prototype Manufacturing
  • Material Procurement
  • Electronic Manufacturing & Test
  • Coating & Encapsulation
  • Product Repairs & Upgrades
  • Kitting & Fulfillment
  • Packaging & Labeling

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